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We will be closing our doors this coming June/2015. 

If you are a coupon holder of a Groupon offer please make sure you visit us before we close as of June 1/2015 or contact Groupon to have your voucher refunded if you are unable to make it to our office by the time we close our doors.


Monday-Saturday 8 am -8 pm - Call 204.283.4634 to book your appointment . Have a wonderful day! Pearly Whites Management

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Our Services

  • Standard Professional Teeth Whitening ( Light Stains)-$129.99 (30 Min)
  • Medium Professional Teeth Whitening (Medium Stains)-$189.99 (45 Min)
  • Extended Professional Teeth Whitening (Heavy Stains)-$219.99 (60 Min)
  • Touch-up Professional Teeth Whitening-$75 (20 Min)

Yes, we're taking on new customers now! To book a consultation appointment to assess your teeth whitening needs you may ask any questions you may have by visiting our contact us section!

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All-Natural Teeth Whitening?

Yes! We are the first location in Winnipeg to offer this! The main ingredient of our gel is 35% Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda-percentages this high will not be found in stores)) , which is also infused with soothing aloe, and chamomile extracts-great for your overall gum and oral health but also help prevent the stains from coming back quicker!

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