Pearly White Teeth

White'N'Smile Teeth Whitening Pen

White'N'Smile is an excellent product used to help whiten teeth, as well as remain whiter for a longer period of time. Safe, easy-to-use, and effective White'N'Smile is an excellent way to help restore your teeth to their natural white shade.

Steps for Usage:

TIP: We recommend that you use this right before you go to bed, or when you will not be eating or drinking anything dark for a period of 6-8 hours for best results.

• Dry off teeth.

• Twist bottom of pen just enough until a small amount of gel goes onto the brush.

• Brush on thin layer of gel over each tooth.

• SMILE for 60-80 seconds

• Spit & Rinse- Do not brush for a minimum of 1 hour for best results.